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Now you have seen the house that you want, your dream property in Spain. There are many things that need to be carried out in order to be sure the property you wish to purchase really is the good buy you see. We can help you and do it all. A great synonym we use This is just like a Jigsaw Puzzle, there are many pieces to put together. 

The NIE & Spanish Bank Account
Purchasing in Spain is an exciting event. We aim to help you with every area. There are so many behind the scenes preparations to go smoothly, so you can enjoy your property as soon as possible. You need all the bits to complete it properly.

We are experienced professionals, here to help you obtain everything.
The first very important document you will need is the Spanish NIE.
The NIE is the tax identification number for non-Spanish property owners.
Non-residents must have an NIE if they wish to purchase a property in Spain or open a bank account. We will assist opening a bank account for you, at the same time.

NIE is an identification number and must be applied for personally at the Foreigner´s Office or National Police Station

  • We will do everything with you.
  • We collect you at your hotel, or wherever you are staying
  • We accompany you at every stage and we know how to avoid long queues
  • When completed we will return you to your hotel or the airport

Property Health Check:
Legal status of the property, it is very important that a legal check covers:

  • Who the official owners are
  • If there are any debts held against the property
  • If the property conflicts with local planning laws
  • The construction history of the property
  • The m2 on the title deed correct for the property
  • Obtaining the Catastral plan in order to see whether additional building work has been registered or not
  • A check that the first occupation / habitation certificate is in place or second occupation licence if the property is a resale.
  • Whither the property has an Energy Performance Certificate

Utilities and taxes check:
Any outstanding payments on utilities must be settled before services can be reconnected or transferred into your name. Electricity, Water, Community Fees, Refuse collection, Council tax.
Any outstanding taxes must be paid before you take ownership of the property, or you will have these taxes registered belonging to you, the new property owner!

Status of home improvements:
An accredited architect / surveyor will need to visit the property and check its condition.

  • The number of rooms and floors
  • If there is a basement and it is being used as living accommodation
  • If any additional building have been added
  • If there is a swimming pool or additional barbeque area
  • If there are any other visible home improvements
  • If Terraces, porches, or balconies have been closed in
  • If the outside appearance is the same as other apartments in the same building

The Power of Attorney
Once you have found the property you´d like to buy you want the purchasing process to go through as quickly as possible. As you might expect, the buying process requires a number of signatures and appearances at the notary. Depending where you are living this may be a problem.

This is when the power of attorney becomes another vital piece, helping to speed up the process.

The power of attorney (Poder Notarial) is a means of enabling the legal process to continue without you. It allows you to nominate a trusted person or firm to represent you in certain transactions and is a legal document that must be signed in the presence of a notary.

The good news is that a power of attorney can be obtained either here in Spain or in your country. So, if you did spot the ideal property on the last day of your inspection it is possible to return home and make the arrangements from there.

Once we have power of attorney then we can be all systems go. We can continue to put your purchase in motion right through to completion whilst you continue about your ordinary business at home.

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